ENGAGE Partner Application


To begin the application process, enter your company email address below.

  • If your company is not already an ENGAGE Partner, you will be guided through the application questions.
  • If your company is already an ENGAGE Partner, you will be offered access to your company’s relevant portal pages by registering as an associate of your company. 

Please note that the ENGAGE Application must be completed in one session – there is no save and return capability.


Who should complete the ENGAGE application?

It's best if a senior decision maker with broad and deep knowledge of your company completes the application. We ask a number of important questions that only a senior leader will be able to answer accurately. It's likely that some discussion will be required before the application is approved and having the right contact will speed that process.

What information is needed to complete the application?

It's helpful to gather some information prior to starting the application, as many of the questions are required.  

You'll want to know about your company's:

  • Business model: How your company goes to market; your markets, customer and applications focus; and your customer value-add.
  • Size and scale: The size of your business, what regions you cover, how many sales offices and employees you have, and how your employees are focused across sales, marketing and operations.
  • Your current or planned focus on: ID badge authentications solutions including size and scale of that business, what ID badge authentication brands you sell, and your interest in partnering with RF IDeas.
  • Key company contacts, customer references and trade show/event marketing plans.


Is the data we submit safe?

The ENGAGE Portal and Application utilize valid security certificates to encrypt communications between your browser and the portal. In addition, the ENGAGE Portal is GDPR-compliant.

What happens next? 

Once you click submit, the application is immediately routed to the RF IDeas channel team for review. At the same time, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address used to register the application. Our goal is to respond to each new program application within two business days.